On release from HMP Brixton in 2014, I was totally frustrated at the lack of support and advice that I received on release other that the £46 grant (now £76) and a travel warrant to see my probation officer in Rhyl in North Wales.

The first thing was to buy was a mobile phone in Brixton High Street to ring my probation officer to let her know my release had been delayed and I would not be in Rhyl until later that afternoon!

What I needed though even more in the coming days, and what other ex-offenders have since confirmed, was a single reference point to help with topics such as insurance, business bank accounts, tax and the potential need to go bankrupt etc.

Through the Gate is an attempt to ‘join the dots’ and provide a practical ‘one stop shop’ for those in prison, their families and those on the outside with a criminal record.

This website has been created by ex-offenders without funding but with the support of like-minded people and in particular the Spark Agency – an amazing team of web and design specialists. I cannot thank Meryl, Ian and Rob enough for their support and dedication. I would also like to thank our legal support provided by Nick an ex-offender like myself.

Hopefully over the coming months and years it will be the definitive provider of practical support to those with criminal convictions.

Through the Gate Governor

Personal Bank Account

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